A shot from one of Southampton Historical Fencing's classes.

We train twice a week: Mondays 19:00-21:00 and Sundays 14:30-16:30

On Monday evenings we run a class taught by our Chief Instructor Joshua R. Bradshaw. We are currently focussing on the fencing treastise of Docciolini, written in 1601 it bridges the gap between Sidesword and Rapier.

On Sunday afternoons we run the session as more of a study group, giving members a chance to practice what we learnt on Monday in drills and sparring, but also to explore the wider world of HEMA if they so wish by planning their own short classes and experiments. There will usually be part of the session taught by Josh, but also plenty of other things to explore. The Sunday sessions are usually followed by a gathering in a local pub.

Once a month we open up our Sunday session to members of other clubs for a sparring session.

See our Find Us page for more information on our training hall and directions.