Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo watch esauribilita riacutizzandovi. Joshua Bradshaw Instructor PortraitJoshua R. Bradshaw has a long history of education and martial arts, having run an educational theatre company, trained in traditional Shotokan Karate achieving his 1st Dan grade in 2009, he also founded a society at University for weapons based martial arts before he discovered HEMA in 2015. Having years of experience ‘messing about with weapons’ he spent the subsequent years reading, studying, attending classes and events as often as he could. His main focus is Sidesword but he has been known to dabble in other weapons of the renaissance.
He founded and teaches at Southampton Historical Fencing in the UK, initially studying Dall’Agocchie and now teaching the works of Marco Docciolini.

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get link Josh competed in three of the 2017 Wessex League tournaments entering Rapier and Dagger, Sword and Buckler and Longsword facing some world class fencers. Southampton Historical Fencing is due to host the finals of 2018’s Wessex League. He has also been lucky enough to attend Fight Camp for the last two years running as well as workshops hosted by School of the Sword. Josh is also currently working with another club member to host ‘Renaissance Rumble‘ in summer 2019.

sites de rencontres suisse avis He is active in the wider HEMA community, attending groups such as Waterloo Sparring Group where possible and building relationships with other local clubs. He also plays an essential role in managing the QT HEMA page and designed the logo.
Aside from teaching HEMA Josh is a keen writer and aspiring academic having graduated with an MA in Creative and Critical Writing in October 2017.

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