S.C.D.L. Equipment and Safety

S.C.D.L. Equipment and Safety

All swords must be clean and free of rust, burrs, bends or sharp edges. They must also have sufficient flex to be used safely. One handed blades must be tipped. Referees and club instructors will have the final say as to whether a weapon is suitable for competitive purposes.

The back of the head, spine and feet are not legal scoring areas unless the strike is shown to be placed in a similar manner to buckler punches or pommel strikes. Solid hits to an off target area will be penalised as it puts your opponent at risk. Equally fencers displaying their back or back of head will be penalised for putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Fencers fighting with steel (or Black Fencer synthetics in the ‘Anything Goes’ Category) must wear a suitable fencing mask with back of head protection, gorget, fencing jacket, suitable gloves for the weapon in question,  hard joint protection (knees and elbows) and shin guards. Chest protectors are required for women and advised for men, boxes are required for men.

For Longsword, forearm protectors are also required.

For Cut and Thrust weapons (sidesword, longsword etc) fencers must wear a mask overlay.

For fencers fighting with Red Dragon synthetics or boffers in the ‘Anything Goes’ category they will require a suitable mask with back of head protection, gorget and gloves. We recommend a jacket, chest protection, a box, joint protection and forearms/shin guards, however these are not essential.