Wessex League London

Wessex League London

So, now that I’ve had some sleep and recovery time (minus work stress) here’s my report from Wessex League’s first event this year in London.

First off. I think it’s safe to say I’ve seriously levelled up since last year, and probably since Albion. Not only did I make it out of my pools in Sword and Buckler I made it to the finals of Rapier and Dagger and came away with a hard fought silver. This is even more of a shock as the quality of competition was fantastic. Every single fight I had was well contested. Special mentions to Stewart Hotston for a spectacular final, Jordan Eyre, Sam Booth, Adrian Faulkner and Dave McPherson for some of my favourite matches!

On a wider club note, Michal Brodowicz was here for his first tournament and took to it well making it to the Sword and Buckler eliminations and earning several wins in Rapier and Dagger. Katie Fleming and Aaron Daniels also fought well for our club, Aaron made it to Sword and Buckler eliminations as well, but sadly Katie’s competition for the week was cut short by a concussion.

On that note, a serious thank you is due to Sam Booth who accompanied Katie and I to A&E that evening and stayed with us until we left at 5am despite being the event medic early the next day. You’re a hero Sam, and we owe you big time!

On the event in general, it was a great start to this year’s League. The organisers and volunteers (including three of our newer students who travelled up to offer their time) were incredible and the event ran smoothly. The addition of judge training was brilliant and I intend to implement some of this in future lessons! Also the Care Bear system of nominated people to go to for welfare issues of any kind was a stroke of genius and whilst I didn’t have to use my Care Bear stare, it did resolve one issue which otherwise may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

To wrap it up Wessex League London was wonderful and has left me hyped up for Cardiff and obviously the finals we’re hosting in Winchester in late November!

Thank you everyone I fought, all of you I got a chance to catch up with and so many thanks to all the volunteers who made the event run so smoothly! I look forward to more fights, more reffing and obviously, more medals!

Josh Bradshaw

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