Wessex League

Wessex League

Josh ready to fight at ReadingSo almost a week on from the final event of the year I’ve managed to put together a post about Southampton Historical Fencing’s first big outing: Wessex League.


Both myself (Josh) and Katie attended the events in Reading and Bath, Meesh also joined us not to compete but to volunteer at Reading, much to the delight of the event organisers!. I entered Rapier and Dagger in both and Katie entered Women’s Longsword and Women’s Rapier and Dagger in Reading, and then Women’s Longsword again as well as Women’s Sabre in Bath.

Katie's Medal

I mention that to boast just a little. Katie brought home our first ever medal! Bronze in Women’s Sabre! She had some great opponents in all the Women’s tournaments and great bouts with them. We’re all incredibly proud of her as our first medalist, and equally jealous. I think it’s safe to say she may have kindled a competitive spirit in a few of our members!

Josh vs Sam from LHFC

I sadly didn’t do as well in Rapier and Dagger in either of those events, not making it past the pools in either. However I will say that I had incredibly challenging pools both times fighting against people who went on to get medals.

Now moving on to London!

Katie Rapier and Dagger

I think Katie and I raving about how much fun we had competing hooked some of the others. When London came around we had for members heading up; myself and Katie again with Aaron joining us.

Aaron Katie and myself entered Sword and Buckler. This tournament was run in a King of the Hill format which meant we all got plenty of fights against a variety of opponents. Whilst the rest of the tournament was great this was my personal favourite part of the event, the fights were excellent, it was fast paced and challenging even if I did leave with one hell of a bruise on my leg!

Sword and Buckler

Katie once again entered Women’s Longsword which was a great start to the day, plenty of technical and well paced fighting.

Aaron Rapier and Dagger

All three of us entered Rapier and Dagger and did our best to apply Docciolini’s theory to fast and nimble bouts against some well practiced and skilled opponents. None of us made it out of our pools but there was some incredible competition.

Katie Rapier and Dagger

Wessex League London Rapier and Dagger

At the end of the day Aaron and I entered the open Longsword. Aaron applied his foundation in Fiore and I took my sidesword theory and applied it to longsword. I won two out of four of my fights in the pool and went through to the eliminations where I was absolutely picked apart by Thomas Couturier who went on to win gold in the overall League table. So I’m not too embarrassed by that.

Josh LongswordAaron Longsword

Overall we had an excellent time at the Wessex League. I for one know that I progressed over the three events I attended and can definitely say that the competition bug has bitten me hard. I had a chance to stress test my understanding of Docciolini and have left with some questions to resolve in the new year.

Rapier and Dagger Wessex League Reading

I’m already looking forward to the next year’s League!


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